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July 2018

We getting ready for the first Electronic Scale and 3 D device , all the way from Sicon Valley in the USA. The first for South Africa. Our weight los program is very succesfull and we take every person as a "one and only" . 

May- 2018


Natrocine Extreme


Natrocine Extreme has been designed with the middle aged sportsperson in mind. The product does however have application for all adults that will benefit from the additional nutritional support that is required to maintain supple, flexible and healthy joints and elasticity in tendons and muscles: especially when added immune support is required.

Improves endurance, vitality and stamina, increases blood supply, provides bio available oxygen directly to the muscle cells for endurance, provides effective cellular and muscle nutrition and electrolytes to restore cellular ionic homeostasis, reduces impact of carbon dioxide and lactic acid during and after exercise, provides protection against increased production of oxidants, immune support during exercise, promotes cell renewal to ensure more flexible muscles and faster recovery, pain relieve and reduced inflammation whilst softening scar tissue, strengthens joints and connective tissues.


Natrocine Revive


Cell renewal with Growth Factors whilst supporting the immunity of the older person. Supports the body’ healing mechanisms. Reduces inflammation. Promotes healthy cells in joints, skin, muscles, nerves and tissue. Provides natural metabolic energy. Regulates blood sugar, glucose, serotonin and dopamine.

Order directly from cra@cramedia.co.za - Courier not included in Price


Natrocine Health Assist


Immune reactivation for anybody with compromised immunity and suppressed immunity due to stress, prolonged use of antibiotics, fatigue, immunological cancers, syndromes and illnesses.

Functioning of Natrocine Health Assist

Natrocine Health Assist works on both the immune system (that acts against infections) and the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Natrocine Health Assist is a combination of Potassium Humate and Methyl Sulphonyl Methane – all natural and organic molecules. The Product is suitable for vegetarians and is specifically designed to:

  • Stimulate T-helper cell function to reactivate and balance the immune system

  • Make cells more permeable and enriched with life-giving oxygen and other nutrients while facilitating the removal of toxins.




April 2018

You can order you health care nutritions from us directly. We decided to keep it in stock because the Health Shops and other outlets are very expensive. We will soon have our own range of products from the USA and specialy manufactured for our clients. Our clients on the wieght loss program is doing good and we treat each and very one different as we know what their natural processing style are. No program will ever give you this results. The world does not have "spareparts" for you body .. take responsibility. 



March 2018-

With great humbleness we establish a weight loss program that is unique and giving great results.The secret to weight loss is to connect 5 things in your body. mind and soul.  You will look better, eat better, feel better and your whole life will be balanced. No program will give your health back and you life back and our exclusive program.  

Feb 2018-

We currently working on a project to extablish a University of knowledge- this will be the first in South Africa- Our people are part of a intoxicated sistem that make them part of it- and they never stand out, but always fall in. Young people get excited of just browsing socail media- they  chasing money and forget to be a human. You need to understand yourself and become yourself. Lots of people are trying to make a living our of being a Life Couch- telling people what to do without knowing who they are. Motivational speakers are all around with their popular "feel good stories" and all the trauma they been through to get where they are today. People are paying thousand to attend a meeting of this so called "succesfull businessmen"..We want to teach you all about yourself- just you.. you do not look up to other people- you never put your trust in mankind- you are unique and you are not a sheep to follow the crowd. We will update you as we go along. 



May 2017

We make use of the finger print scanner to obtain all the information regarding your Processibf style. The prices is cheaper in some programs. 



Oktober 2016

Ons begin eersdaags met 'n vol bekenstellings program gerig op bestaande en voornemende omroepers en Televisie aanbieders in Suid Afrika.  Huidige omroepers en Televisie aanbieders is welkom om in te skakel.


September 2016

Ons nuwe program waar ons kinders in Suid Afrika help om beter te doen in redenaars kompetisies is baie gewild. Ons kennis van die mens en sy natuurlike eienskappe maak dit soveel makliker om sukses te behaal in redenaars en Debat voering. Ons was tans deel van die Nasionale Redenaarsdebatte een ook die Nasionale kampioenkappe. Quanlim program is uniek en help redenaars om beter te presteer en op 'n vlak wat uiters kompiterend is. 



July 2016

EXCLUSIVE to QUANLIMLIFE INFO TOUCH   this will give you a accurate  description of your natural processing style. This new concept is new unique and will assist in various forms of Career planning, Sport planning, behavior and Health. combined with Quanlim Life you never get a more accurate way of finding your true self. With this device we can assist you in understanding your child, your personal, your own career and much more other fields that will be expose soon. We very excited to combine this new technology  to our all our programs. Our knowledge of people and their behavior will give us the advantage over anybody that is using this device. The INFO TOUCH program is combined with Quanlim Life of the Limbic Brain Test.

The INFO TOUCH software and hardware systems do not  store or transfer your fingerprints. Your fingerprints are only shown on the display in order to determine the pattern type, which is completely impersonal and cannot be used for identification of a person.

June 2016

Our Seminars are very popular. Listen to our Radio Interview on various Radio stations .


March 2016

5 New books is now available. The Seminar of 12th March is fully booked. 


January 2016

The NEW Book will be out soon. Discover yourself to become yourself was a winner.


December 2015

What a pleasure to be involved in one of the biggest projects that will be launched early in 2016. This will change the whole way of Medical Schemes and Health Services. People will be cured for the first time and not keep alive .


August 2015

We just ad another professional Scanner to our range of well tested equipment.  This equipment is used by various practitioners  around the world and in South Africa.  We do not use the equipment unless we know who you are and what your natural processing style is.  The cost for both R790.00.


APRIL 2015


We busy writing Quanlim- Life in a learning format to be presented on school and University level. The book Discover yourself toe become yourself 4 th Edition just printed


March 2015

I am back in South Africa and will be more freely available for consultation. The people of the world is becoming more aware of themselves and their responsibility.


January 2015 in USA

Studied a few more concepts and update myself with the new world.


May June July 2014  Hong Kong

What a experience to Discover and worked in Hong Kong with people who's passion is life

December 2013

We launch a brand program for people who do LIFE Coaching



Our NEW programs arrived we busy testing it and we still soon use it.

APRIL 2013

Exciting news that will change the Life's of many people. No person will ever survive his journey on earth in the future if he/she does not know who they are. Watch this space


MARCH 2013

Order your new range of books now; Exclusive from LIFEISELECT

Powerfull Affirmations

Discover your Joy and Happiness

Discover your Confidence

Kragtige Bevestigingswoorde

Jou denke bepaal jou toekoms

Discover to handle STRESS

Victim Mentality

Lewe jou eie Sukses

Discover your 5 senses.

Blamerings Mentaliteit

Afhanklike Liefdesverhoudings.

Discover the things you need to DO


February 2013

Thanks for all the people who attend our First seminar. Our next one will be in May 2013.


February 2013

You can now do the LIMBIC Test online. This is the most advance TEST online to help you choose the right career according to your results.


January 2013

Book your seat by sending a mail to cra@cramedia for our first "Discover yourself" seminar that will be held in February 2013. The cost is R950.00 per person attending.


January 2013

Welcome to the NEW YEAR. Our NEWS books is in stock. " Discover yourself to become yourself" We busy with a few other new books.

Our Processing style Tests are new. We have a special new Coaching program for CEO and leaders. We coach one on one, and we know who you are from day one. 


November 2012

We finished our online facility to help our customers from all the world and South Africa to do the TEST online. Please contact us if you want to do it.


April 2012;

Our new "Career book" test is now officially been used in all our programs. Joane Dell is part of our team and she is well educated to assist in this unique program.

February 2012

The book DISCOVER YOURSELF to BECOME YOURSELF written and compiled by Johann was published in the Far east with great success.

Johann works internationally from November 2011. He will only be available to for consultation 2 weeks a month in South Africa.Please book in advance and please use cra@cramedia.co.za to contact him.


The NEW YEAR of 2012

We busy changing our Career book to a more International version. We will no longer make use of the DYC book.

November, December 2011;

Johann is working in the USA and Singapore with consultations aswell a marketing his book"Discover yourself to become yourself"

Please contact via e mail

Artikels in Tydskrifte;

Koop gerus die Rooi Rose van April maand en die Vrouekeur van Junie 2011 en kyk uit vir ons Artikel.

Scenario ..Sen Wes se Landboutydskrif Junie 2011, 'n volledige artikel.


This exciting NEW program will teach you how to use your Subconcious mind and how to set your Goals in life.

This 5 week self learning program will assit you in changing your life. Order today; ria@craroup.co.za

NATROCINE Health Assist;

We are proud to have the NATROCINE label back again. We are the suppliers of Natrocine Health Assist, the only natural product that balances your immune system, allowing your body to heal itself.

Read the whole PDF on the front page;

Our NEW LIMBIC Personality Check;

We are proud to be one of the First users to make use of this unique program that is based on the Limbic part of the brain. It is based on the emotional, and therefore subconsciously acing, personality of a person.

From the 1st of April  2010  this will become  part of the Quanlim Test.

              Verhoudings sonder grense RSG; Suid Afrika;

Dankie vir die talle e-posse en telefoonoproepe na ons gesels op RSG se program Verhoudings sonder grense.


We have just finished all the career and Natural behavior tests on matric students for a brand new uplifting program in South Africa. Watch the press for more details.


Please contact us if you are interested in attending one of our workshops. cra@cramedia.co.za  or  Pretoria   +27 825542419 .













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